Did Israel steal the falafel from the Palestinians? This seemingly silly question is a precursor to an investigation into the intentional and systematic hijacking and eradication of Palestinian cultural history by the state of Israel.

The London residency took place for the whole month of February 2010. During this time, Sansour and Ashery addressed forms of cultural colonialism in relation to the Middle East through the outlandish and irregular means they have begun to develop in their book The Novel of Nonel and Vovel.

Falafel Road comprised a series of publicly engaged meals at various eateries in London, including supermarkets and market stalls. The public and specially invited guests joined Ashery and Sansour every day during the residency for a falafel experience. Twenty meals in total were filmed, edited and shown at the end of the residency.

This psycho-geographical project charts a subjective and exilic map of the falafel in London, as well map those attending the meals - a collage of friends and colleagues belonging to relevant artistic and political networks.
Falafel Road, video/web/performance, Oreet Ashery/Larissa Sansour, 2010