Revisionist Production Line (2017)
Steel, rubber, porcelain (365x80x40cm), with Soren Lind

Revisionist Production Line is part of Sansour's recent body of works exploring the notion of archaeology as warfare. In Israel/Palestine, archaeology has long since become a battleground for settling territorial disputes. Unearthed artefacts are used in support of nationalist narratives establishing the idea of historical entitlement.

Revisionist Production Line takes the idea of a narrative supported by archaeological evidence one step further. Instead of relying on artefacts already in the ground, Sansour suggests that manufacturing and planting the archaeological evidence for future archaeologists to excavate might be the most reliable approach to establishing a favourable counter-narrative.

The installation embodies this idea by portraying a mass production unit manufacturing porcelain for future entombment in the Palestinian ground. Once found, this porcelain will challenge the dominant version of history and cause a historical intervention.