And They Covered the Sky Until It Was Black (2017)
20cm polyresin spaceships, with Soren Lind

And They Covered the Sky Until It Was Black is an installation made up of 1500 polyresin spaceships. The spaceships are 20cm in length and assume the shape of insects, so that they as group appear as a dark locust swarm. With the reference to the plagues of The Old Testament, the installation becomes a futuristic doomsday vision with biblical undertones.

While the biblical plagues were Godsent natural phenomena, the threat posed by And They Covered the Skye Until It Was Black is civilizational and technological, turning the piece into an investigation of the dialectics between future aspiration and anxiety.

The piece is part of a body of work focusing on the role of myth and fiction on collective psychology, narrative structures and history writing.

Installation stills from the Bluecoat 2017. All images courtesy of Rob Battersby @rjbattersby.